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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Revit Tip - Show Wall Construction Lines for Existing Walls

In Revit, by default, an existing wall that is visible in a New Construction view will show as a solid white fill in your floor plans.  But, what if you want to see the lines indicated the wall construction layers of an existing wall that remains?  Well, you have to simply override (or "un-override" depending on the setting) a few of the Graphic settings under "Phase Filters".

  1. Click the "Manage Tab"
  2. Click the Phases Button:
  3. Go to the "Graphic Overrides" Tab.
  4. First, change the "Cut Patterns" column.  Check the box that says "Visible" and change the color to whatever color you want the patterns to be. (Note: If you do not want to see any of the Existing wall cut patterns while in the New Construction view then set this to White). It should look like this:
  5. Then, back in the Graphic Overrides tab, click on the Materials columns where it currently says "Phase- Existing".
  6. In the Material Dialogue, click the Button for "No Material" (Shown Below).

    Click Apply, and you're done!

    Now, you should see all of your wall layers in your New Construction views....