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Friday, October 20, 2017

Got 10 Minutes? Learn Dynamo! (Dynamo Tutorial and News Inside!)

Over the last few weeks I have been running through some of the common reasons Revit Kid readers stated (through survey data) they have not started their Dynamo journey.  The first, and most common, reason was lack of time.  The second most common reason not finding a practical use (or problem to solve) using Dynamo for Revit.

Last week, I walked through my Dynamo journey and the “ah-ha” moment I had while working for a major Construction Management company.  In that post, I wrote about the two discoveries I made that I believe stopped me from learning Dynamo.

The two “limiting beliefs” I learned were:

1. Dynamo is not that difficult.
2. There were lots of ways I could use Dynamo I didn’t even think about.

If you don't believe what I learned is true... Continue reading.  Also, keep reading for some news on the DIY Dynamo course launch...

Dynamo Tutorial - Rotate Instance (Manual Selection)

I thought the best way to demonstrate to you that Dynamo is not as hard as it looks and it can be learned in a short period of time was to release a small portion of DIY Dynamo for free.

As I mentioned last week, learning Dynamo is a journey.  The hardest part is getting started.  The video tutorial below shows you how you can get started and write your first script in 10 minutes.  10 minutes.  You probably spent more time in line at Starbucks this morning.

So, what do you say.... Is it time to start your Dynamo journey?

DIY Dynamo Release Date!

Over the last few weeks I have been mentioning my latest online course, DIY Dynamo.  Well, I can finally say it is ready for you!  What will it be about?

DIY Dynamo was created with the beginner in mind.  As I have mentioned before, I truly believe that getting started and writing your first few scripts is the hardest part.  After your first scripts, you will slowly build your knowledge and solve problems on a need-to-know basis.  Therefore, the goal of DIY Dynamo is to get you over the first and most daunting hurdle: starting. 

When will enrollment open?

Enrollment will open on Monday, October 30th at 8:00 AM (EST).

What will it include?

DIY Dynamo will be a three week online course with three distinct modules.  The modules build on top of one another.  By the end of the third module you will have been exposed to many facets of Dynamo and will feel comfortable enough to start attacking your own problems using Dynamo. 

There is an exercise at the end of each module to enhance your enhance your problem solving abilities and build on the content of that module.  

Additionally, I will be holding a live online "office hour" each week for those enrolled during each "semester".  During these live office hours you will be able to ask questions and openly discuss the content from that week's module.

Ultimately, in under 2 hours time you will be more proficient in Dynamo than everyone around your cubicle right now.

Oh, and of course, there will be some bonus content... ;)

Stay Updated...

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