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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Batch Render is now Software!

I linked to Buildz blog a while ago about the batch render script he wrote... Which was absolutely great... And now, one of his readers has written it into an easy to use program!

"Hooray for Steven Faust of Emc2 Architects! He's done some retooling of the batch rendering for Revit hack that I posted some time ago and made it much more user friendly. Using some VB code, he has crafted a graphical interface for the script, which should make it a lot more inviting for most users. Basically, you run the .exe file, fill in some boxes with info about your file (view names, desired resolution, etc), it then writes a new journal file, and launches Revit to execute this new file. He's also added a function allowing a limited exposure bracketing.

So download the zipped executable from here, and check it out (the source code is also available here for those who want to help evolve this thing). I've generally had good results with this, but did see a couple strange pathing issues on one XP machine. Keep in mind that it doesn't save settings and that, unless you copy the temp journal, it will clean up the rendering file it makes after your images are done. Try it out and send your feedback.
As always, take care when using undocumented executables downloaded from some bozo on the interweb."

Thanks to Zach and Buildz and Steven Faust for doing what I wish I could.