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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revit Tutorial - Streamline Topography : Auto Clicking

Have you spent hours clicking millions of little dots to create beautiful site models in Revit? Are your survey CAD files ever able to use the "create topo from import" tool? Do you believe Revit site model's have given you carpal tunnel syndrome? Well, have I got a tip for you!!!  This will go well with my older Studio Topo Tip posts:

Simply set a time interval for your clicks (I suggest 200-250 ms) and use F6 to start the clicking and F2 to end the clicking... see video for more information.

Click here to view the video tutorial via YouTube
Click here to view the video tutorial via Screencast

Click here to download the Auto-Type / Auto-Click Software

**EDIT** (02/19/18)  The original Auto-Click software is not compatible with newer version of windows.  To download the latest version of Auto-Clicker click here....

Click here to thank Garry for unknowingly making hundreds of thousands of people very happy!

Autodesk, any ideas?