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Monday, May 11, 2015

BIM After Dark - Volume 3 Survey: Revit Families [ What Do You Want to Know? ]

To date, the release of BIM After Dark:Volume 1 in December of 2013 and Volume 2 in January of this year have successfully helped over 750 (currently at 763) readers expand their Revit knowledge.  The success and feedback from the video series has completely humbled me and reinforced what this website has stood for.  Helping people learn Revit in a straight-forward, easy to follow, video format.

I truly believe the reason for this success is your feedback.  The topics for all of the BIM After Dark videos have been chosen by you.  Through simple surveys over the years I have collected data on the most in-demand topics you would like to learn about.  Well, the time has come to hone in on the direction Volume 3 will go.

Volume 3: Creation - BIM can do anything..., will generally focus on family creation and conceptual massing.  Please, take a few minutes to answer a survey about Volume 3 and have a say in the next BIM After Dark video series!  I know some of you have been asking for a release date... I will say that my goal is to have Volume 3 live this summer (no official date yet).