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Monday, December 21, 2015

BIM After Dark - Volume 3: Release Date Set! Plus a Last Chance Offer and Giveaway!

Well, the time has finally come.  I am turning up production on Volume 3! I figure there is no better time to produce an epic video series about family creation then around the holidays!  Personally, I cannot wait for 2016 to arrive.  Not only will Volume 3 be completed and released (completing the trilogy started 3 years before) but I will be teaching a course at the University of Hartford, taking on another new adventure, and getting married... Yeah, big year...!

I digress... Continue reading for the official release date of BIM After Dark - Volume 3 as well as some updates about Volume 1 & 2...  Also, keep reading for a special discount and a chance to win a free copy of Volume 3...!

BIM After Dark - Volume 3: Creation

Way back when I decided to create full length video tutorial packages I sent out surveys to you.  Over the last two years I continued surveys and reaching out via email.  There were three video topics that trumped all others: Presentation Techniques, Construction Documents, and Family Creation.   

Presentation techniques are covered in Volume 1, Construction Documents are covered in Volume 2, and we have finally arrived at Family Creation for Volume 3. 

Creating a simple parametric table, to complex parameters, and even adaptive components are just some of the topics covered in Volume 3.  Following my principle of simple and easy-to-follow I can guarantee you will be building your own quality custom content when you finish following along... 

So, when will it be live!?

January 25th, 2016
12:00AM (EST)

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen!  It's family time!

Volume 1 and 2: Buy Now to Save BIG Later!

Volume 1 and 2 have been a huge success so far.  If you have not purchased Volume 1, Volume 2, or the bundle now is the time to!   Why?  Two reasons:  

1. As a previous customer you will be the first to purchase Volume 3 and at the largest discount!  Don't believe me?  Ask someone who bought Volume 1... 

2. On January 1st, 2016 the prices of Volumes 1 and 2 are going to be increased.  The value of the content has been proven over the last two years and the pricing for 2016 will reflect that value.  There will still be three tiers to make sure it fits any budget!  

I want to give you a chance to get them at the current pricing structure before it goes up!  

Take advantage of the lower price today AND be on the list for the Volume 3 launch discount....

Win a FREE Copy of Volume 3!

I discovered this cool new app where I can run contests and all you have to do is share The Revit Kid website with your friends!  If this first contest goes well I plan on possibly holding one contest a month next year giving away Revit books, BIM After Dark videos, etc...

Enter the to win Volume 3 using the form below:

Finally, I would like to say have a happy and safe holiday to all of the Revit Kid community!  Enjoy your families and bring in the new year with a bang!  Then get ready to become Revit family masters!