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Monday, March 7, 2016

Revit Tutorial - Adaptive Fabric Roof Canopy Introduction

Adaptive components are a topic in high demand by the readers of this blog.  Due to this demand, I knew I had to dedicate a section of BIM After Dark - Volume 3 to adaptive components.  Similar to the rest of the series, I start by teaching you how to make a practical family that introduces the foundations of adaptive components.  Then, we build on these concepts and add some complexities such as parameters and hosting to a divided surface (giving you the ability to make forms similar to "The Web", which is also demonstrated in the series as a case study).

Continue reading to view a tutorial extracted directly from Volume 3 that demonstrates the principles of an adaptive component while building a fabric canopy...

Adaptive Fabric Roof Canopy Tutorial

BIM After Dark - Volume 3: Family Creation

As I mentioned in the video above this tutorial was extracted directly from BIM After Dark - Volume 3.  The series continues building on the adaptive component above adding divided surfaces and repeaters.

Volume 3 focuses solely on family and content creation in Revit and the cart is now open!

If you're tired of downloading low quality Revit families that are not parametric and slow down your models Volume 3 is for you. Instead of settling for poor content, or waiting for manufacturers to catch up, create your own parametric Revit families!  Using practical, real-world examples, Volume 3 will give you all of the skills required to get started today.