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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Dynamo Desktop Cheat Sheet - Free Download!

Although the temperature has remained in the high 80's here, summer has officially ended.  That means the Dynamo Days of Summer are coming to a close.  Usually, I would be very sad this time of the year with cold and snowy weather approaching.  But, this year, I am excited!

Why? You ask.

Because my latest course, "DIY Dynamo - A Beginner's Course on Dynamo for Revit", will open enrollment soon!

Why else?

Because I am excited to share my latest free download with you all! 

Continue reading to learn more about The Dynamo Desktop Cheat Sheet and find out how to download it for free today!...

The Dynamo Desktop Cheat Sheet

While I was developing content and information for DIY Dynamo I kept referring to this one notebook I have.  In the notebook I have a bunch of pages of "Node Notes".  These are simply sketches of common nodes I use with explanations as to what they do... Kind of like this and this

Here is an image of the notebook:

The fact that I keep referring to the same pages over and over again made me realize the value in creating a simple, printable, desktop guide (just like The Family Creation Desktop Guide).  So, I did!

Without further ado....

BIM After Dark Presents:

The Dynamo Desktop Cheat Sheet

Learning and using Dynamo for Revit can be challenging, but not impossible.  To assist both the new student and seasoned Dynamo veteran, I put together this desktop guide of the most common notes I refer to in my own notebook. 

Click here to download your free printable desktop cheat sheet today!

Also, as I mentioned earlier in the post, DIY Dynamo will open enrollment soon. If you are interested in understanding what all the craziness on that cheat sheet above means, click here to sign up and be notified when enrollment opens!