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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"The Revit Dad" + FREE Dynamo Workshop

Over the last nine years, I’ve always made it a point to not only share Revit tips and tricks with you but to also share things about my personal life. For example, I shared when I became a licensed architect and when I got married.

Why do I share my personal life with you? 

First, so you get a chance to know the person behind the “avatar” that is “The Revit Kid”. Second, because the events that take place in my personal life help give context to the content I create here on the blog.

For example, when I made the tough decision to leave my full-time job at a large architecture firm and took on a role at a construction management firm it was not a surprise that some of my content had a construction focus.

The Revit Dad

Well, I am excited to share with you that I, The Revit Kid, am now a “dad”. That’s right, The Revit Kid has a kid… crazy… I know.

I’d like to introduce you to my son, Jacob Adam Pinheiro:

As I write this email Jacob is just about 3 weeks old. Both Jacob and my wife, Melissa, are healthy and doing great. There aren’t enough adjectives in the thesaurus to describe my emotions over the last three weeks but I can say it has been the most amazing experience of my life.

And no, I haven't started to teach him Revit just yet... I will let him figure out the whole sleeping and eating thing first.  ;)

A New Perspective on “Time”

In between the late night feedings, diaper changes, more diaper changes, and required daily naps I have been thinking a lot about the concept of time management. Additionally, I have received quite a few messages and emails from Revit Kid reader’s asking about the next enrollment period for DIY Dynamo.

I’ve talked in depth about how Dynamo can make you a more efficient Revit user and can automate repetitive tasks to save time. Until three weeks ago, I use to equate the increased efficiency and the ability to automate to billable hours and profit margins.

Now, I see a new benefit to saving some time with Dynamo. The less time doing arduous and repetitive tasks like renumbering doors, mass placing (or replacing) elements, converting elements to parts, the more time I have to spend with my family and Jacob.

I now realize that spending less time doing Revit “grunt work” and more time with your family could be a better reason than overhead and profit for many of you to lean out your workflow and learn Dynamo too...

In honor of this revelation (and while I still have one week left of my paternity leave) I am opening enrollment in DIY Dynamo this week and also hosting a free online workshop. 

Keep reading for more details...

Free Workshop: 

“3 Steps to Beginning Your Dynamo Journey, Today.”

During this free online workshop, “3 Steps to Beginning Your Dynamo Journey, Today”, we will be exploring the mindset shifts it takes to get over the common barriers to entry when it comes to Dynamo and demonstrate a few examples.

Topics Covered:

- Mindset Shift Required to Getting Started in Dynamo
- Dynamo Does it the Way You Do it
- Finding a Problem to Solve
- Being a Dynamo "MacGyver"

Get yourself enrolled in the FREE session:

Pick which date and time works best for you…

Wednesday, November 14th, 9 AM Eastern

Thursday, November 15th, 6 PM Eastern

Even if you can’t make it live, registering will give you access to the full replay!

It's my pleasure and honor to share what I know, and I genuinely thank you for the opportunity. I hope to see you all there!

DIY Dynamo (Fall 2018) Enrollment

Want to jump right in and start learning Dynamo right now? Enrollment is open for the Fall 2018 semester of DIY Dynamo today.

Enroll in DIY Dynamo today...

(If you are seeing a sign-up page instead of the sales page perform a "hard refresh" in your browser...)