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Free Downloads

From Revit to Twinmotion: A Free Mini-Course

Learn how to create beautiful images, animations, & real-time environments with your Revit models...

In this free five step mini-course I will walk you through everything you need to know to bring your Revit models into Twinmotion 2020 including:

- Exporting and Importing your Revit Models (& best practices).
-Applying Materials (with tips and tricks for more realism!).
- Building a Twinmotion world around your Revit models.
- Exterior and Interior Renderings
- Animations and Videos (with an Urban Scene context).

DESIGN:BIM - A Guide to Utilizing Design in the BIM Process

Customers who purchased BIM After Dark - Volume 1 emailed me asking if I could create a breakdown of my design process (from sketches to final presentation boards).  Well, I finally did!

"DESIGN:BIM" is a simple, easy to follow, guide that takes you through how I use Revit within my design workflow. Click the link of the image below to download now!

GUIDE: Creating Your Own Revit Template

This eBook is not meant to be a technical manual but more of a mini-guide.  I’ve taken my template creation process and broken it down in the simplest, systematic way I could.  When I released BIM After Dark - Volume 2 the feedback was incredible. My personal Revit Template is included when anyone purchased the Complete Package of Volume 2.  Many customers find it valuable to dissect someone elses personal template but they wanted more.  They wanted to know how to create their OWN template.  Therefore, I decided to write this eBook. 

The Autodesk Revit Family Cheat Sheet

The sheet is meant to be your desktop guide to family creation in Revit. I have been making my own Revit content for over eight years now and there are always little things I need to reference from time to time. For example, I always find myself referencing materials online for conditional if statements and correct formula syntax.

Print this guide out on 11”x 17” paper and keep it handy for the next time you are creating custom Revit families.

The Top 5 Family Creation Tips... From the Pros!

In honor of BIM After Dark - Volume 3 releasing next week (March 17th, 2016) I wanted to create a new free eBook with Revit family creation tips. Instead of trying to think of my favorite tips I thought it would be fun (and valuable for you) to include some tips from other Revit superstars!

I reached out to some of my Revit idols (Steve Stafford, Paul Aubin, Michael Anonuevo, andBrian Mackey) and asked them for their top three family creation tips. Be sure to follow all of the bloggers mentioned above if you aren't already.

From there, I narrowed them down to 5 short, simple, and extremely powerful Revit family tips! Continue reading to download this FREE ebook today...

The Dynamo Desktop Cheat Sheet

Learning and using Dynamo for Revit can be challenging, but not impossible.  To assist both the new student and seasoned Dynamo veteran, I put together this desktop guide of the most common notes I refer to in my own notebook.

BIM After Dark

If you have enjoyed all of the free resources provided above, you may be interested in "BIM After Dark"...

Check out the video below to learn more about what BIM After Dark is and how you can become a member today:


As mentioned in the video above, I am opening the community to a second round of "beta members" this week only.  I will then be closing the doors for a period of time.

As a member, your "perks" include:

- Self-paced Revit courses (all four! and any added courses) with sample files and live chat.

- Access sample files from your favorite "Revit Kid" tutorial posts.

- Exclusive access to online "office hours" with Jeff and guests.

- Connect with other Revit users to share ideas, best practices, and ask/answer burning questions.

And of course, you will be able to give feedback and help shape the future of "The Revit Kid" and BIM After Dark as we know it... ;)