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Friday, August 17, 2018

Coming Soon... We're bringing sexy back...

I am back from BILT North America full of excitement and motivation.  As usual, the conference was fantastic.  I was able to catch up with some old friends and meet plenty of new ones.  I can't tell you how humbled I am to meet readers of this website in person.  You are all amazing!

My presentation, "Construction can be Sexy: How Visualization Helps us Build", went extremely well.  I was a bit worried turnout would be low due to the fact that it was the first session on Saturday morning. If you have been to a BILT event before, you know that getting up for the first session can be very difficult.

I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout and engagement during the session.  Thank you all who attended and asked such poignant questions!

Coming Soon...

My session at BILT focused solely on presentation techniques (from diagrams, to renderings, to virtual reality).  Focusing on this topic has proved timely as I am hot and heavy into the creation of BIM After Dark - Volume 1 (Redux)...  Additionally, while at the conference I was reminded that many folks are still struggling with getting their Revit models to look the way they want them to look.

I closed Volume 1 a few months ago so I can re-build it from the ground up (after nearly 5 years and 766 students!).

The time has finally come to set a date for open enrollment of the brand new Volume 1 course.

Are you ready?

Mark your calendars...

BIM After Dark - Volume 1 (Redux): BIM can be sexy...

Open for Enrollment:

September 17th, 2018

What is BIM After Dark - Volume 1?

Volume 1 is focused on one thing and one thing only: making your Revit models look good.  From floor plans, to topography, to sections, to diagrams, and renderings.  Volume 1 is a comprehensive course that will take your presentations to the next level.

Who will Volume 1 be for?

If you are tired of people telling you that BIM is not for presentations and that Autodesk Revit is only good for documentation, this course if for you.

If you spend hours developing a fully detailed building information model but find yourself underwhelmed with the graphic presentations and renderings it produces this course is for you. 

If you want to take your rendering, post-processing, and overall presentation skills to the next level with proven techniques, short-cuts, and processes this course is for you.

Finally, if you want to learn how to make images like the one below as quickly as possible then this course if for you.

Learn how to make images like this with your Revit models...

What will it contain?

In "Revit Kid" fashion, the course will include simple, easy-to-follow, video tutorials, sample files, optional live sessions with me, and possibly some bonus items.

Click here to view the contents of the course...
(Thanks to those who gave amazing feedback on the video outline a few weeks ago).

How do I enroll?

Monday, August 6, 2018

It's BILTNA Week! See you in St. Louis!?

BILT North America is this week!

I am pretty excited to be heading to another BILT conference (formerly known as RTCNA).  I love looking back on my previous review posts from this conference...  They remind me about how valuable and impact each year has been for me.

Every year I come home with a sense of vigor and excitement.  Additionally, my mind is usually spinning around all of the ways I can use the new tips, tricks, and topics discussed that week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Let's Assemble in Hartford - Live Event

Did you hear?  Autodesk acquired Assemble. Many of you may have heard this news and thought:

"What is Assemble?" 

I have spoken a bit about Assemble here on the blog and appeared as a guest speaker on a webinar with Assemble back in September of last year.  Additionally, I have been using Assemble for just over three years now.  That being said, I am extremely excited to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of Assemble Systems for you here on the blog. 

Unfortunately, I am not finished with my big Assemble review post yet....

Fortunately, if you are located in or around Hartford, Connecticut I will be speaking at a networking event about how Turner Construction uses Assemble on August 2nd!

Continue reading to find out more about the event and how to register... it's free! (Oh, and there will be beer ... ;) )

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Enscape3D - Free Sample Projects and Files

Photo courtesy of

Last year I published a post that explained why Enscape3D had become my virtual reality (VR) software of choice.  If you missed it, you can read the "Virtual Reality and Revit" review post by clicking here.

Well, fast forward to today and Enscape3D is still my VR program of choice for many of the same reasons I mentioned last year.  Of course, the folks over at Enscape3D have done a great job adding new features and improving the software since then.  Today I just wanted to point out a little-known resource available on the Enscape3D website...

Continue reading to find out about the free Enscape3D sample projects and where to find them....

Friday, June 22, 2018

Volume 1 Closes Tonight + Discounts Ending

Tonight is the night.  Volume 1's cart and sales page will officially be taken offline.
Time Remaining to get Volume 1 or use the discounts....

As I mentioned on Monday, I will be taking down Volume 1 to completely recreate the series from the ground up.  If you have been thinking about purchasing Volume 1 today is the day to act and make sure you take advantage of all the great content, help shape the new version of Volume 1, and utilize the deepest discounts on the courses.

Not Sure if Volume 1 is for you?

Who is BIM After Dark - Volume 1 for? 

If you are tired of people telling you that BIM is not for presentations? That Autodesk Revit is only good for documentation? If you spend hours developing a fully detailed building information model but you are under-whelmed with the presentation images or renderings you create from it Volume 1 is for you.

Don't believe me? 

Keep reading to find out....

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Best of BIM After Dark - Volume 1

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Volume 1 is closing this Friday and I thought it would be fun to look back at the most popular presentation content here on the blog. Five years of “presentation” content is a lot to look through but here are some of the most popular posts (some of which are directly extracted from Volume 1).

The “BAD Ultimate Gallery”

There is definitely a sense of nostalgia I feel when looking through the renderings and images within the “BAD Ultimate Galleries”. It also reminds me that I need to make a “Part 3” with examples newer than 2014. Either way, I think these galleries represent what can be created using the techniques, tips, and tricks from BIM After Dark - Volume 1:

Click here to view the BAD Ultimate Gallery - Part 1

Click here to view the BAD Ultimate Gallery - Part 2

Tutorial - Adding Depth to Your Elevations

Believe it or not, this tutorial is one of these most visited posts on the blog. It also has over 25,000 views on YouTube. Clearly, creating sexy elevations is a need/want for Revit users. Good news, this tutorial is still relevant today… Although, I will be exploring the “Depth Cueing” abilities of newer Revit versions for the re-make of Volume 1….

Rendering Tip - A Simple Material Change to Add Realism

This tutorial is also one of the highest ranking on the blog. Why? Probably because the default Revit glass material can be underwhelming in many situations. This tutorial shows a technique that will create a dynamic and more realistic glazing material.

Click here to view the tutorial and video….

Revit Material Management Tips and Tricks Post

This post is actually one of my favorites because I find myself referring to it from time to time (yes, I do forget the content in some of the posts I’ve created over the years). This post included tutorials about creating a materials library and bringing it from project to project.

Click here to view the ultimate Material Management post...

Course Closing Discount is Still Going On...

Don't forget this week I will be offering 20% off BIM After Dark - Volume 1 and 10% off any other BIM After Dark volume or bundle.

For 20% off BIM After Dark - Volume 1 use offer code “sexyclosing20”

Click here to purchase BIM After Dark Volume 1 before it closes!

For 10% off any BIM After Dark course use offer code “sexyclosing10”

Click here to view the Bundle discounts (remember, it will be 10% off this already reduced price).

Click here to view Volume 2 - BIM Can Make Paper...

Click here to view Volume 3 - We are family…

Remember, Volume 1 will be closing this Friday, June 22nd, 2018 at 8PM EST.

Monday, June 18, 2018

BIM After Dark - Volume 1 : Course Closing + Discount

I created “BIM After Dark: Volume 1 - BIM Can Be Sexy” in the fall of 2013. Yes, I know, crazy. Almost five years ago!!

Well, needles to say, it is about time for a major update. Revit has added some great new features for presentation techniques, real-time software has come a long way (Enscape3D, Lumion, etc…). Therefore, this year I am bringing sexy back to BIM. In order to do so, I plan on taking Volume 1 down to work on the completely new version this summer.

On the day I am writing this post, 766 readers have downloaded and completed BIM After Dark - Volume 1. Also crazy, I know!

I wanted to make sure anyone who has been on the fence about Volume 1 had a chance to get the original version before I take it offline, and at a discount.

I plan on shutting down the Volume 1 cart and sales page this Friday, June 22nd, 2018 at 8 PM (EST).

Keep reading to see why you should download BIM After Dark - Volume 1 today (before it is gone!)...

Monday, April 23, 2018

BILT NA 2018 - See You There?!

It's that time of the year again!  Time to plan your trip to BILT NA (formally known as RTCNA).  This year BILT NA is in St. Louis from August 9th to 11th.

I have talked about how valuable I find this conference every year on the blog...  So, do yourself a favor and show all of these posts to your boss and tell him or her you want to go!

If you've registered, or will be registering soon, make sure to sign up for my lecture on Saturday morning: 

Session 3.1 - Construction Can Be Sexy: How Visualization Tools Help Us Build

It is hard to imagine where many of the new visualization technologies will be used within a construction company. Truth is, at Turner Construction we are using tools like Autodesk Revit, Lumion, Enscape3D, Photoshop, In-Design, HTC Vive (virtual reality hardware), and 3D Printers everyday as part of our construction process.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

DIY Dynamo Class of 2017 Reviews + Live Happy Hour (and Giveaway)!

In the midst of enrollment for DIY Dynamo's Spring 2018 session I thought it would be fun to ask the first ever "graduating" class of DIY Dynamo their thoughts on the course, and, of course, share them with you!

Additionally, if you are interested in hanging out with myself and a few special guests online this week keep reading for more information about the next free and live BIM After Dark Happy Hour (I know, it's been a while!).

Continue reading to see what the DIY Dynamo Class of 2017 has to say and to learn more about the BIM After Dark Happy Hour this week....

Monday, April 9, 2018

DIY Dynamo - Enroll Today

It took me a while to decide what kind of Dynamo class to create when I sat down early last year and began planning the course.  After much deliberation and our first successful session last October with 74 students I am glad I chose to start right at the beginning.

I published some posts recently that discussed some of the challenges I recall from a few years back when I began learning Dynamo.  The first had to do the challenge of where to begin.  The second was a "Q&A" session to analyze those first attempts at learning Dynamo... 

Finally, last week I posted a video tutorial (extracted directly from DIY Dynamo) to demonstrate how and where to begin and how easy it can be to get started!

Now, are you ready to start your Dynamo journey?  Enrollment is officially open for DIY Dynamo - A Beginners Course on Dynamo for Revit. 

Continue reading to learn more about the course, what's inside, and a special launch day discount...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Have You Tried to Learn Dynamo?

In my last post, I discussed the two major challenges that beginners will face when learning Dynamo for Revit.  The first challenge to overcome is being able to relate Dynamo to a real-world problem as a solution.  The second challenge is figuring out where and how to begin.

Because getting started is such a huge obstacle to overcome at the beginning of your Dynamo journey, I wanted to expand a bit on how I began and talk to those of you who may have attempted to learn Dynamo already.... (Oh, and there may be a FREE giveaway inside, too...)

Monday, April 2, 2018

So You Want to Learn Dynamo but You Don’t Know Where to Begin?

I’ll go out on a limb here and assume you have heard of Dynamo by now. Additionally, you’re probably familiar with what Dynamo is and how it is rapidly changing the way we use Revit.

If not, I touch on what Dynamo is here and check out the first chapter of the Dynamo Primer here.

Assuming you have heard of Dynamo and you know what it is, I'll bet you have been saying to yourself, "maybe I should learn how to use this Dynamo thing?".

Then, your immediate next question is "but, how and where do I begin?".

Continue reading if you have been pondering where and how to begin learning this Dynamo thing...