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Monday, November 23, 2015

Practical Dynamo - Following Topography

Snap an object to your topography in Revit... I dare you to! Oh, you can't?

Accurately following topography is one of those things Revit just has not evolved to yet.  There are many objects you may want to follow topography: trees, pipes, fences, roads, etc...In the past, there have been a few different workarounds (one of them required exporting your topography as a DWG and the importing it so you can select edges, etc...!).  Well, now that we have Dynamo accurately following topography can be as easy as a single click... really...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Practical Dynamo - Apply Parameter Values (Using Saved Selection Sets)

For the next installment of the "Practical Dynamo" mini-series I am going to expand on the last script (which utilized Dynamo to apply parameter values to multiple objects).  The previous script worked but you have to manually select the elements and add them to your node in Dynamo.  This can be cumbersome and also cause you to select elements twice if you are trying to add something like a building area parameter.

My first solution was creating save selection sets... Then using those sets to isolate the elements, select the elements in Dynamo, run the script, un-isolate, and repeat... Yeah, I know...  It sounds ridiculous.  Well, my first rule of thumb in Revit (and now Dynamo) is if it seems like its taking too long there is probably a better way to do it... So I found a better way...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Practical Dynamo - Apply Parameter Values

(Image: Dynamo Primer)

I have been posting little screenshots on Twitter of current Dynamo scripts and people seem to love them.  One of the cool things about Dynamo is you can see a simple snippet of all the nodes and recreate the script pretty effectively.  Its a method I have used when learning Dynamo.  It helps me to use different nodes, search for packages, and understand logic.  Well, I thought it would be a good mini-series here on the blog.  The first script I am going to show you is very simple but includes some nice booleans, logic, and nodes.

Continue reading for a practical use of Dynamo, applying a parameter value to all selected elements...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Revit 2016 - Release 2 - What's New?

Revit 2016 Release 2 has been launched to subscription users and there are some really nice enhancements.  A lot of little practical tweaks and wish lists items have finally made their way into the program.  In addition to the typical release notes and information, Autodesk published a series of quick videos on YouTube demonstrating some of the new enhancements and tweaks.  Continue reading to view the videos....

Friday, October 23, 2015

Revit for Fabrication - A Comprehensive FREE Class!

David Beach contacted me about his new FREE class titled "BIM to Fabrication for Conceptual Design".  I first ran across David's content 2+ years ago when he posted a great video about printing Revit models on a Makerbot...  (Click here to view my post about his post...)  David's new class, hosted on Autdesk's Design Academy, features 15+ hours of video tutorials, written guides, and sample files that will walk you through the process of fabricating your Revit models using CNC machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers...  Continue reading to view David's 45 minute Google hangout and to learn more about the class....

Monday, October 12, 2015

What Are Contractors Looking for In Your Revit Models?

One of the many questions I receive via email has to do with building information models and construction.  "Jeff, what are contractors looking for when we hand them our Revit models?".  I had an idea of what the answer should be but this past year (working at Turner Construction) has opened my eyes to the truth.  When I started at Turner earlier this year I got the same questions from architects we are working with.  I took the time to make a simple guide that helps explain what we are looking for... Here is an excerpt from the guide for your information and use...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Revit Tip - Using Formulas in Dimensions to Work More Efficiently

This is one of those tips that you don't know it's value until you try it.  I have to admit that living and working in the United States has a major downside: imperial units.  If you are like me then you absolutely HATE fractions.  Over time I have been much faster with adding and subtracted fractions on the fly... But let's be honest, adding 5/8, 7/16, and 3/32 is not something we all do in our heads on a daily basis.

Well, thanks to this great tip from an awesome reader named Carlos you can put away that "construction calculator" and do your fractional math while you work... within Revit...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Revit Tutorial - Show the Area of a Filled Region in a Tag (Using Dynamo)


Dynamo in the Real World...

Tack this one up as a "real-world" use for Dynamo.  A very good friend emailed me and asked if I knew how to send the area of a Filled Region into a tag.  For example, he had some filled regions on elevations for a planning and zoning submission... Those filled regions needed to show the area.  Obviously, you can click the region, look at its area in square foot (or meters squared) and then type it into a text note/tag.  Well, that would be pretty painful if there were hundreds of them!

Other than actually modeling the signage as a 3D box family that can report the area I decided this sounded like a job for Dynamo.  Repetition, reporting parameters... I mean, come on now!

Continue reading to learn how to create your own Dynamo script that will report a detail items parameters....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

BIM After Dark - Volume 2: Second Edition Sale (plus a NEW FREE eBook!)

I always imagined the BIM After Dark series would be a continuously updated source of Revit information and tutorials with specific and targeted topics.  That being said, I am happy to announce the launch of BIM After Dark - Volume 2: Second Edition.  With your feedback I have added some tutorials, updated others, and created a NEW eBook! 

If you have already purchased and downloaded Volume 2 you will have received this updated content automatically and 100% free!

Continue reading to learn more about the new FREE eBook, the Second Edition, and to take advantage of the re-launch sale today!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Revit Tutorial - The Quad Corner Mullion

I was working with a friend of mine and he asked about the cleanest way to do a corner mullion.  When I showed him the following technique he was ecstatic!  I then checked the blog to see if I ever did a tutorial on it... to my surprise, I didn't!  This may be a simple little tutorial but I know some of you will be as exited about it as my buddy was!

Continue reading for the step-by-step...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Autodesk Project Expo - Realtime Rendering for Revit

It has been over a year since Autodesk acquired BitSquid and I have been patiently awaiting what would come of it for the AEC industry. Well, we finally get a glimpse of how this acquisition will effect us Revit users.  Continue reading for a video reel of what can be done using the "stingray engine"...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Revit Tip - Project Base Point and Survey Point Revisited

Over the years there have been posts on this blog that spark debate, opinions, and "face-palms".  The "Controlling Your Levels..." post I published back in May of 2015 is an example of a post that makes you think and rethink Revit's coordinate system.

Well, an awesome reader named Ben Muller (@pix3lot) was wracking his brain (and the comments portion of the previously mentioned post) to understand fully every aspect of Revit's coordinate and level system.  As a result, Ben created a nice graphic that really helps to explain all of the different level and coordinate systems in play when using Revit.  Keep reading to view Ben's awesome image: