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Friday, January 15, 2021

DynaMaps and Revit - Adding Context to Your Models (w/Mostafa & Paul Aubin)


On last night's episode of BIM After Dark Live we welcomed Mostafa El Ayoubi.  Mostafa is an architect and civil engineer.  He is the creator of Dynamo packages like DynaMaps and Data-Shapes.

This episode introduced the genesis of the DynamMaps package and it’s foundations as well as some workflows showing how to get site geometry inside Dynamo and push it to Revit will then be live demoed.

Also, this was another "crossover" with Paul Aubin and the ChiNamo users group!

Topics Included:

- Introduction to DynaMaps

- Installing the Package

- Step by Step demonstration of how to bring in buildings, topography, roads, and trees from open source data to your Revit models.

Continue reading to view the replay and learn how to install and use DynaMaps today!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Parametric Dining Room Light Fixture Family in Revit - Start to Finish


I built a parametric family in Revit on yesterday's episode of BIM After Dark Live.

But, not just any old Revit family.  A dining room light fixture. 

Why a light fixture family?  

Well, I've noticed over the years that light fixtures are probably some of the most wanted families.  Probably because there are literally millions of fixture with all sorts of little details within them.

Another reason I wanted to walk you through the creation of this fixture live is that is contains a whole bunch of great family creation tips and tricks along the way.  

There were some great questions and I shared a lot of "process" references (like sketches, and diagrams) that are worth checking out...

Topics Covered:
- Laying out a Parametric Object
- Using Nested Families (when, why, and how).
- Using multiple light sources in one family.
- Carrying parameters (like materials) through nested Families
- When to use sweeps over extrusions
- Tips for making "rods"...

And so much more.  

If you missed it, be sure to continue reading to see the replay and view all of the reference materials...

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Behind the Scenes "BAD" Office Hour (Topics: Revit Curtain Walls & Placeholder Links)


Over the last few days I have received some emails asking about what an "Office Hour" within the BIM After Dark Community actually is...

Instead of simply responding to a bunch of emails, I thought I would make a video!

In this video I take you behind the scenes of an actual "BIM After Dark Community" office hour. I hold these private office hours about every other week for members of the community.

The topic of this sample office hour is Revit Curtain Wall Systems (a couple specific questions from member, Jerry) and placeholder links in Revit (a great tip and discussion for anyone dealing with links!).

So, this video can serve as an example of an Office Hour, but also give you some valuable tips and tricks... Win win!

Want to see more Office Hour examples...?  

Check out this episode of BIM After Dark Live (Top 5 Ways to Use Design Options in Revit) where I hosted a Community Office Hour WITH a YouTube lice audience... 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Revit Numbered Note Block Hack - Adding a "Period" (Community Quick Tip)


In today's "Community Quick Tip" I show you an interesting "hack" when using generic annotations and numbered note blocks in Revit.  It has to do with adding a "period" as a suffix to your note block (or list) while NOT having the period show in your annotation symbol on your plans...

This tutorial was inspired by a question from Reggie Holt.  Reggie is an architect and an active member of the BIM After Dark Community.  Thanks for the inspiration, Reggie!!

Monday, December 28, 2020

How to Split a Wall Sweep in Revit (Community Quick Tip)

Happy final Monday of 2020!!  Thank goodness... Am I right?

Today's video is the first of a mini-series I am calling "Community Quick Tips".  Essentially, these are video versions of longer question and answer conversations had over on the BIM After Dark Community.

In this video I answer Emil's question within the community about splitting wall sweeps.  I show two different approaches to splitting a wall sweep (hint, you can't just use the split tool).  

Learning Revit, together.

Also, don't forget, you can save 30% off your membership if you join before the end of the year.  Click here to lean more or join now...

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

AMA Replay (Plus, a 30% Off Discount!)


To wrap up 2020 with a bang, I thought it would be fun to host another "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" style episode of BIM After Dark Live.  The last time I did an AMA style episode was almost 20 episodes ago.  

That day, I hosted a double header and couldn't even keep up with all the questions I got!  (Check out the replays here.)

Yesterday, there were so many questions is was hard to keep up!  Thank you all for joining, asking questions, and making this live show thing... well, a thing!

Topics the we Covered:

- Building a wall under a ramp (and other ramp options).
- Creating Door Window and Curtain Wall Elevations (touched on it).
- Revit Backup File Management
- Creating a Concrete Mass in Revit
- Using the overhead line trick ... sort of ...
- 3D Details and When to Model versus draft (hint, MODEL MODEL!).
- My middle name...

Continue reading to view the episode...

Friday, December 18, 2020

The Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Reference Manual (Replay)


On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by a very special guest, Marcello Sgambelluri. Marcello was on the show a few months ago and mentioned a book he was writing... Well, that book is now available! "The Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet/Reference Manual" is 272 pages of pure awesomeness. Marcello includes hundreds of working Dynamo scripts and their working counterpart in Grasshopper (for Revit). We talked about the book and how knowing BOTH of these tools expands the functionality of Revit for you.

We also had a little fun when I did an example of a practical use of one of Marcello's scripts in Dynamo followed by Marcello demonstrating how to do the exact same thing in Grasshopper/Rhino... Super cool!

Continue reading to view the replay and download the sample files from our demonstration (including the Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit, and Dynamo files...)

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Calculating Occupancy in Revit, Automatically


On the latest episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by Dana De Filippi to talk about automatically calculating (and tagging) occupancy loads in Revit.  Dana is a co-host on the BIM Thoughts Podcast and a BIM technologist within the field of architecture and kicks all kinds of Dynamo butt.

Dana shared the workflow she developed that will automatically (and accurately) calculate your occupancy loads and place them into tags for you!  Something I know you all just love doing manually ... ;)

Topics Covered:

- Creating and using Area Schemes in Revit
- Constructing key values and using conditional formatting in Revit schedules.
- Use Dynamo to collect Revit and Excel Data
- Discover how to integrate user selection of different code requirements.

This is a DO NOT MISS for all of my fellow Architects out there (and FP engineers, too!)...

Continue reading to view the episode and download the sample files Dana was so gracious to share!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Sloped Shower Floor / Drain in Revit (Quick Tip Edition)

In our next "Quick Tip" video I demonstrate a few different approaches to making your floors slope to a drain in Revit.  This could be used for showers or any sloped floor, really...  Enjoy!

Corrugated Metal Walls in Revit ("Butler" Buildings) - Quick Tip Edition

In this short tip I demonstrate one possible solution to modeling corrugated metal walls (like "Butler Buildings") in Revit...  This is just one way to approach it... There are many!


Friday, December 4, 2020

Curtain Wall Corners in Revit (Quick Tip Edition)


In this short video I walk through some options for modeling curtain wall corner in Revit. We talk about butt-glazing corners, standard corners, and more... Enjoy!

pyRevit - The Ultimate Guide


pyRevit has been gaining momentum as a solution for many common problems Autodesk Revit users run into daily.  From advanced "purging", to colored tabs, sheet creation, and more, pyRevit has become a staple in my Revit Add-In arsenal.

And it should be in yours, too.

On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by Ehsan Iran-Nejad. Ehsan is an Architect and the creator of the pyRevit add-in (among other things) and he introduced pyRevit to you,  highlighted some of the great built-in features, and demonstrated the power/simplicity of building your OWN custom extensions.

Topics Covered:

- What is pyRevit?
- How to download and install pyRevit
- Shift Clicking for Settings
- Using the Pick Tool (even if you've used it before, I bet you'll learn something new here).
- Using the Sheet Management and the Batch Sheet Maker
- Using the Keynote Manager (AWESOME!)
- Using the Wipe Tool
- And some new features and functions coming soon...

Oh, and did I mention... Ehsan made Paul Aubin fall off his chair... yup... you have watch to see why.

Continue reading to view the episode and see all of the links mentioned (including a ridiculously awesome BIMBOX discount)...

Friday, November 27, 2020

Tutorial - Concrete Reveals in Revit


In this short video I answer a great question from a follow about creating concrete walls with reveals in Revit (an controlling the visibility and look of those reveals).

Continue reading to view the tutorial....

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Revit + Twinmotion 2020: Rendering a Night Scene (Tips and Tricks)


On this special Tuesday episode of BIM After Dark Live I gave an update on my own house project and jumped back into some Revit & Twinmotion 2020 content.  

We talked about rendering night scenes in Twinmotion 2020 with Revit.

This episode was inspired by a student's question following our Twinmotion class.  She asked about making a "moody" nights scene.  Then, it dawned on me, I had yet to make a NIGHT SCENE in Twinmotion.  

So, I dug in, spent some time, and figured out some of the tips and tricks to creating sexy, moody, and super-fun images!

Continue reading to view the replay an all of the links mentioned (including my FREE Revit to Twinmotion course...)