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Tips, Tricks, and Information on all things Revit and BIM related....

Hey there! I decided to make this page to help you find your way around the website. I have published over 1000 posts and hundreds of tutorials over the past 4 years. It can be a daunting task (even for myself) to find some of the quality posts hidden in the archives of this site.

Here is a quick video to help guide you:

Option 1: Search

The most effective way to find content within this site is to use the search function. There is a search bar on the right hand sidebar that will exist on every page.

Option 2: Browse

Another way to search through the many tutorials is to click this link. This will show a list of every tutorial in chronological order.

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Option 4: Recent Tutorials

Finally, here are some of the most recent tutorials I have published:

The Most Recent Tutorials:

Option 5: BIM After Dark

If you like the tutorials on this site you will definitely like my full-length tutorial series "BIM After Dark". The video series is live now and is jam packed with tips like the one above. You will also be able to get sample files (from full Revit projects, to families, to texture libraries).

Free Ebooks:

DESIGN:BIM - A Guide to Utilizing Design in the BIM Process

Don't forget to sign-up to download my free eBook "DESIGN:BIM - A Guide to Utilizing Design in the BIM Process".

Customers who purchased Volume 1 emailed me asking if I could create a breakdown of my design process (from sketches to final presentation boards).  Well, I finally did!

"DESIGN:BIM" is a simple, easy to follow, guide that takes you through how I use Revit within my design workflow. Click the link of the image below to download now!

GUIDE: Creating Your Own Revit Template

This eBook is not meant to be a technical manual but more of a mini-guide.  I’ve taken my template creation process and broken it down in the simplest, systematic way I could.  When I released BIM After Dark - Volume 2 the feedback was incredible. My personal Revit Template is included when anyone purchased the Complete Package of Volume 2.  Many customers find it valuable to dissect someone else's personal template but they wanted more.  They wanted to know how to create their OWN template.  Therefore, I decided to write this eBook.