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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Revit Macros (Keyboard Shortcuts)

I recieved a few emails after the last tutorial, wall sweeps. The emails were about the macros I used during it. I decided to compile a list of the macros I tend to use every time I am on Revit. There are a lot of macros in Revit, but these are basics that I feel I am always using:

RP - Reference Plane
MM - Mirror
MV - Move
CO - Copy
VG - Visibility/Graphics
AR - Array
L - Line (Model Lines, not Drafted!)
RE - Resize
VP - View Properties
UN - Project Units

There are a whole lot more. I just thought I would share the ones I use every single day without any thought.  Unlike CAD, all you must do is type the two letters and Revit will activate the Macro.  No need for a space bar or enter.