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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Those of you Using a Mac.

If you have a Mac or Macbook Pro and you are running Revit through Bootcamp I bet you're pulling your hair out calling Autodesk and registering every time you boot up Windows.

I have been using my Macbook Pro with Bootcamp and Revit for over a year and I must say I am very happy with it.  The performance is great and you get the best of both worlds!  The only downfall has always been the Registry Key bug that would kick Revits license ALL the time.  I am talking every single time I opened Revit I would have to make a call to Autodesk.

I recently found a blog posting that linked to a registry fix released by Autodesk.  I installed it the other day and so far so good... haven't had to hit #6 on my speed dail (yes, Autodesk is now on my speed dial).

All this time I thought Autodesk was against helping us Mac users!