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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello and welcome to The Revit!  My name is Jeff and I will be the main blogger for this here blog.  I am a student who experienced the amazing capabilities and advantages of Revit Architecture while forcing my self to learn it during my last design course.  While sitting in class the other day I had a conversation with a few students currently enrolled in the architecture program at my school.  These students were taking a Revit class.  Their eyes glazed over as I showed them the work I have done in Revit and the questions began to flow out of them.  This is when I realized that it might be very helpful to any students wanting to learn Revit to learn it from a fellow student.

I would like this blog to contain tutorials done by others and myself.  I would also like it to be an archive of the many questions I have received by students about Revit Architecture and the like.  Finally, I would like it to encourage the use of Revit in the classroom as not only a tool but a tool that will create a smart and usable building information model.

My experience is as follows:
- 8 years in the field of Architecture
- 8 years of AutoCAD experience
- 5 years of Revit (I am currently employed at an ALL Revit firm)
- Associate's Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology
- Associate's Degree in Construction Management/Technology
- Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
- Master's Degree in Architecture

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Lastly, I would like to offer my tutoring services to any student who would like a more in depth and personal lesson in any version of Revit.  For now, this service is limited to Connecticut.  Please email me for info at:

Thank you for reading and enjoy!!