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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Updates: Revit 2010

David over at Everything Revit posted a couple blogs that caught my attention:

Inside the Factory

This appears to have a great amount of info on all things Autodesk. More importantly, a bunch of Revit 2010 information.

"Welcome to Inside the Factory – a blog about designing the Revit user experience. I’m Tom Vollaro, Senior User Researcher with AEC Solutions User Experience Team at Autodesk. Myself and other members of the team will be using this blog as a way to connect with you, Revit users. This blog has two goals. First, we want to provide a window into how the Revit user experience is designed (a bit more on that later). Second, we want to establish a conversation with our users to improve the Revit user experience."

Designing the User Experience at Autodesk

"Designing the User Experience at Autodesk provides a venue for the individuals across our global user experience teams—including user researchers, designers, and user assistance professionals—to share insights on methods & practices, innovation, leadership, design’s connection to achieving business objectives, and reflections on topical interests in the design community."