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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Open Architecture

I would have to say my favorite part about being an Architecture student is the design studio.  Ultimately, this is why we chose the field... no?  The creativity and problem solving that go into the design process is unlike any other profession or class.  Sadly, there was one semester that I did not have a design class! (DUN DUN DUN)

I took it upon myself to look around the web for competitions open to students.  I found this wonderful website and registered for the competition.  I am now registered for The Open Architectural Network Challenge: Classroom.  This is a great competition open to basically anyone.  The challenge is broken up into different aspects of classrooms.  I decided to design a new portable/temporary classroom given that every public school in my area has fields of them.

Please check out the web site and sign up for a competition! It is a great network for students and architects to share ideas and designs.  Open Architecture Network has direct relations with Architecture for Humanity whom I have great support for.  I will be sharing my classroom design on this blog throughout the next few months as well (of course I will be doing it in Revit!).