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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Student to Student Revit Guide - Part 7 - Advanced Floors

Topics Discussed:

- Advanced Floor Using Beam Systems
- Introduction to Beam Systems
- Loading a Beam
- Sketching a Beam System
- Selecting Beam Direction


Two Dogs said...

As one of your site lurkers, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that this 44 year old "student" of Revit appreciates your teaching. Good work from someone that is actually using your tutorials to build stuff.


muchas gracias por los tutoriales.

desde santiago, Chile..

oscar leiva

Hub7d said...

Although I have read four Revit BIM books, worked most the problems, and tested several versions (including v2008), I find your Video Tutorials the best for ease in understanding and gaining knowledge. Signed my last CAD job August 1, 2008 and that means times are s...l...o...w! Plan to try and purchase v2010 and hope for work after you inspired me. Oh yeah, I turned 66 y.o. this last January. See, young ones can teach old ones!!!

albertstwrt said...

What happen to Advanced Floor Using Beam Systems?

albertstwrt said...

What happen to Advanced Floor Using Beam Systems part2?

kristin said...

Great videos. I've been working on Revit 2010 for a few weeks, going through all the books. Your videos are a good compliment. I like how you mix basic and advanced strategies just like a real workflow.

Also, I made a donation. You should really bring that donation button further up on the page. I never would have seen it down there if I didn't go looking for it after reading another comment that mentioned making a donation.

Getting paid for some of this is nothing to be shy about. None of us works for free and the resource you provide is something many people (including me) don't mind giving you a little money for. My donation was nothing huge, but I bet you have a lot of readers.

Thanks again.

The Revit Kid said...

Thank you so much for the donation Kristin! It will go towards the monthly bills to keep the site running. I am so glad I can help you...

I will take your suggestion and move the donate button to a new location. I do not want to force people to pay as I am not doing this for money but to simply help and spread the word about Revit.

Thanks again and a reader telling every person they know about the blog is just as important as the donation!

Anonymous said...

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