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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tutorial - Angled Wall Sweeps

I received a question from a fellow named James about the previous wall sweep tutorial.  He asked:

"How do you create a sweep along the top of a sloped wall (not tilted), i.e. one that has been profile edited? Is it even possible?"

I have not found a way to make the integral wall sweep follow the wall profile, but I did find a pretty simple work around:

Thanks for the question James and keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice video!
When creating the sweep (Solid Form-->Solid Sweep) you have a choice between "Sketch 2D Lines" and "Pick Path". If you use "Pick Path" to create the line, when you change/move/extend your wall, the sweep will follow it ie if the wall length changes, the sweep length will change as well. I hope this little tip helps you.

I Hate THE BALFOUR said...

have you figured out another way to do this or has version 2010 added a beter way to do this?
and what happens when you have multiple sloped walls connected to each other? does the sweep clean itself up?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. We have used it a number of times.

Have you ever tried to schedule this sweep? We are doing material take-offs but can't figure out how to get this sweep to be included in take-off.