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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tutorial - Foundation Brick Shelf

Chris asked:

"I've been going through the tutorials and they've proven to be a huge help.   
With regards to the foundation, do you have any tips for a brick ledge?"

There are lots and lots of ways to do brick shelves depending on the application, use, and construction of the foundation wall.  I used the most typical situation.  I will be remaking the "reveal" section soon to come... It is a little vague and all over the place.  Enjoy.

Topics Discussed:

- Creating a stacked wall
- Creating a Reveal (Stay tuned for a more informative tutorial).
- Modifying a wall
- Adjusting the Brick to meet the shelf


Technotrope said...

Many thanks for the tutorial. I've been playing around with stacked walls the last couple of days, so it is extremely timely.

DPD ARCH said...

When wall wraps but adjusted brick (below floor level)doesnt, how can I tell it to cleanup?