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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Carrying along with our Revit Classroom Workflow chart I would like to introduce a new program to you all.   Before reading about the program and thinking to yourself, "what do I need this for... show me a tutorial damnit!", I would like to explain why I think it is important to know this program.  Ultimately, as an architectural student and practicing architect you may never use the program.

During the BIM process a program such as Cost-X will have great advantages.  Our job, as architects, is to provide the contractor or person using Cost-X with a usable building model.  What is a usable building model?  Well, that is precisely why you should know the program and how to use it.  In the next step of our Revit Classroom Workflow I will explain how to incorporate the program into your design studio.  This will allow you to navigate the program and understand how it work.  It will also give you cost estimates if needed for the studio project.

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