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Friday, April 3, 2009

Phillip Bernstein, FAIA Lecture Series

I will be attending a lecture at the University of Hartford here in Connecticut.  Anyone who is in the area should really attend it as well. 

University of Hartford: 2008-2009 Architectural Lecture Series 

Architect Phillip G. Bernstein, FAIA, will lecture on Thursday,
April 9, on the “The Role of the Future Architect.” The lecture
will begin at 6 PM in Wilde Auditorium and is open to the
public. Bernstein will consider how the digital revolution and
information management in architecture is shaping the future
of the profession. Bernstein is a Vice President at Autodesk,
a leading provider of software for the architecture,
engineering and construction industry. A practicing architect
with 25 years of experience, he leads Industry Strategy and Relations for the
AEC Division where he is responsible for setting the company's future vision
and strategy for technology serving the building industry. Bernstein teaches
Professional Practice at the Yale School of Architecture.

Anyone in the area should definitely check this lecture out.  Greg over at has informed me that he is an immaculate speaker and a leader of the IPD/BIM movement.  

Email me and let me know if you are attending so we can open a dialogue and really expand on what Phillip has to say.

I found this great video by Phillip and others... This is a pefrect lead into the next series of posts to come.