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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tutorial - Rebar Detail Component

Here is a cool little tutorial.  I found it useful in school when my teacher wanted to see a section drawn with the rebar looking as it does in the tutorial.

Topics Covered:
  • Creating a Detail Component - Line based
  • Using Array Parameters
  • Applying a formula to the Array Parameter
  • Drafting the Rebar


NY said...

Quite Nice! Thank You

Priit said...

Have you tried "repeating detail" for that? You have spacing and everything there. No need to do array in family and formulas. But in general nice tutorial for family building.

The Revit Kid said...

Yes a repeating detail would work fine. It is more of an exercise and shows different options for array parameters. Maybe I will do a quick video showing the same detail as a simple repeating detail as well.


Anonymous said...

good job with your new blog. I set up a similar family but we use it for welded wire mesh.

Amer said...

it is a welded wire mesh reinforcing and it is very useful