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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post-Graduate Tools to Survive.

Interesting article over at (American Institute of Architecture Students).

Despite some recent positive news about the economy, it is expected that the economic recession will last until the end of this year and perhaps into 2010 and beyond. Some economists believe that the unemployment rate will continue to rise and will not begin to decline until the end of 2011. The situation is most dire for recent college architecture graduates. It is common knowledge that employment in firms is generally not presently available and is a condition which could remain for some time. While it is true that some companies are hiring there are not enough opportunities for the thousands of graduates seeking jobs.

Despite the economic stimulus programs proposed by local, state and national governments, it may take few years before the AEC professions (architecture, engineering and construction) experience a substantial recovery and before we find professional offices staffed at previous levels. While no one can guarantee a job as an architectural intern or any other related occupations, there are numerous things you can do to lessen the amount of time you are unemployed or underemployed.

In the short run, you may be forced to take a job that is not ideal or one that does not include working directly in an architecture firm. No matter the course you take, it is critical to remain connected to the architecture profession. It is important to maintain your skills and knowledge so that you are fully employable in the future.

Keep in mind that there are numerous "alternative" professions in which you can be successful with an architecture degree....  Read More...



Hi I'm from Chile, of course my native language is Spanish, so sorry if I make mistakes on my writing.

I read the article and I found very interesting because the problem is the same in my country.

The Economy in South America depends a lot of Europe and North America.

The rate of unemployed is 10%.. very bad.

So if you are architect an young you're in a very bad situation. XD