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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Revit 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

With the release of Revit 2010 creating quite a stir due to the ribbon bar I thought it would be helpful to repost a keyboard shortcut list. I use alot of these shortcuts and they do help out greatly in both Revit 2009 and Revit 2010.

The shortcut list that follows is based off of Revit 2009 but I have yet to see any differences in 2010. Please comment if you know of any new or changed shortcuts.

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts:

Modelling menu

File menu

"ER" menu:"File-Editing Requests"
"RL" menu:"File-Reload Latest""RW" menu:"File-Reload Latest"

Edit menu

"DE" menu:"Edit-Delete"
"MD" menu:"Edit-Modify"
"SA" menu:"Edit-Select All Instances"
"MV" menu:"Edit-Move"
"CO" menu:"Edit-Copy"
"RO" menu:"Edit-Rotate"
"AR" menu:"Edit-Array"
"MM" menu:"Edit-Mirror"
"RE" menu:"Edit-Resize"
"GP" menu:"Edit-Group-Create Group"
"EG" menu:"Edit-Group-Edit Group"
"UG" menu:"Edit-Group-Ungroup"
"LG" menu:"Edit-Group-Link Group"
"EX" menu:"Edit-Group-Exclude Member"
"MP" menu:"Edit-Group-Move Member to Project"
"RB" menu:"Edit-Group-Restore Excluded Member"
"RA" menu:"Edit-Group-Restore All"
"AP" menu:"Edit-Group-Add to Group"
"RG" menu:"Edit-Group-Remove from Group"
"AD" menu:"Edit-Group-Attach Detail"
"PG" menu:"Edit-Group-Group Properties"
"FG" menu:"Edit-Group-Finish Group"
"CG" menu:"Edit-Group-Cancel Group"
"PP" menu:"Edit-Pin Position"
"UP" menu:"Edit-Unpin Position"
"CS" menu:"Edit-Create Similar""PR" menu:"Edit-Properties"

View menu

"ZR" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom In Region"
"ZO" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom Out (2x)"
"ZF" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom To Fit"
"ZE" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom To Fit"
"ZA" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom All To Fit"
"ZS" menu:"View-Zoom-Sheet Size"
"ZP" menu:"View-Zoom-Previous Scroll/Zoom"
"VP" menu:"View-View Properties"F8 menu:"View-Dynamically Modify View
"VG" menu:"View-Visibility/Graphics"
"HH" menu:"View-Temporary Hide/Isolate-Hide Element"
"HI" menu:"View-Temporary Hide/Isolate-Isolate Element"
"HC" menu:"View-Temporary Hide/Isolate-Hide Category"
"IC" menu:"View-Temporary Hide/Isolate-Isolate Category"
"HR" menu:"View-Temporary Hide/Isolate-Reset Temporary Hide/Isolate"
"EH" menu:"View-Hide in view-Elements"
"VH" menu:"View-Hide in view-Category"
"EU" menu:"View-Unhide in view-Elements"
"VU" menu:"View-Unhide in view-Category"
"WF" menu:"View-Wireframe"
"HL" menu:"View-Hidden Line""SD" menu:"View-Shading with Edges"
"AG" menu:"View-Advanced Model Graphics""TL" menu:"View-Thin Lines"
"RR" menu:"View-Rendering-Raytrace"
F5 menu:"View-Refresh"

Modelling menu

"DR" menu:"Modelling-Door"
"WN" menu:"Modelling-Window""CM" menu:"Modelling-Component"
"LI" menu:"Modelling-Lines"
"RP" menu:"Modelling-Ref Plane"

Drafting menu

"DI" menu:"Drafting-Dimension"
"EL" menu:"Drafting-Spot Dimension-Spot Elevation"
"TX" menu:"Drafting-Text"
"GR" menu:"Drafting-Grid"
"LL" menu:"Drafting-Level"
"TG" menu:"Drafting-Tag-By Category"
"RM" menu:"Drafting-Room"
"RT" menu:"Drafting-Room Tag"
"DL" menu:"Drafting-Detail Lines"

Site menu

Tools menu

F7 menu:"Tools-Spelling"
"MA" menu:"Tools-Match"
"LW" menu:"Tools-Linework"
"PT" menu:"Tools-Paint"
"SF" menu:"Tools-Split Face"
"AL" menu:"Tools-Align"
"SL" menu:"Tools-Split Walls and Lines"
"TR" menu:"Tools-Trim/Extend"
"OF" menu:"Tools-Offset"

Settings menu

"SU" menu:"Settings-Sun and Shadows Settings"
"UN" menu:"Settings-Project Units"

Window menu

"WC" menu:"Window-Cascade"
"WT" menu:"Window-Tile"

Help menu

Snap overrides

"SI" snapcode:"Intersections"
"SE" snapcode:"Endpoints"
"SM" snapcode:"Midpoints"
"SC" snapcode:"Centers"
"SN" snapcode:"Nearest"
"SP" snapcode:"Perpendicular"
"ST" snapcode:"Tangents"
"SW" snapcode:"Work Plane Grid"
"SQ" snapcode:"Quadrants"
"SX" snapcode:"Points"
"SR" snapcode:"Snap to Remote Objects"
"SO" snapcode:"Snaps Off"
"SS" snapcode:"Turn Override Off"

Alternates with closer key spacing

"ZZ" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom In Region"
"ZX" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom To Fit"
"ZC" menu:"View-Zoom-Previous Scroll/Zoom"
"ZV" menu:"View-Zoom-Zoom Out (2x)"
"VV" menu:"View-Visibility/Graphics"
"CC" menu:"Edit-Copy"

Also, if you would like to edit/change your Revit 2010 keyboard shortcuts they can be found at: "C:\Program Files\Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010\Program". The file is a .txt file. There are instructions within the file as to how you can create your own Revit shortcuts.


Priit said...

There is topic for every flavor of Revit in Augi.
For me RST2010 Keyboard Shortcuts Development via Excel.(

Anonymous said...

thanky you very much! this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this applies to the 2011 version as well?

Greg Bates said...

Most of these DO work in the 2011 version as well - if one is gone that you particularly like you can always create it as a custom shortcut as well.

Our Revit MEP guy Paul always creates these custom Revit Keyboard Shortcuts whenever he's working with a customer.