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Monday, June 1, 2009

New Blog Feature. - Intense Debate.

In an effort to increase conversation between readers and myself I added a great feature to the comments of the blog.  The feature is called "Intense Debate":

IntenseDebate provides many new features meant to inspire discussion and easily follow the conversation.

In order to better organize the discussion, we've implemented comment threading which allows users to directly reply to one another.

Users also have an identity that spans across all blogs powered by IntenseDebate. Along with this is a reputation value, based on the quantity and quality of the comments users make, meant to give an overview of a user's commenting history. Quality is determined by the users through comment voting, which also serves to move the best comments to the top.

With all of our comment systems being interconnected, we make it easy to track users and their activities across all blogs using our system by providing email and rss notifications.

In short, IntenseDebate has completely transformed the commenting experience.

Many of you have commented in the past and I encourage you to continue.  You will notice the plugin when you post a comment.  I hope this feature will open up new doors for the blog, almost acting as a forum in ways.... hmmm... a Blogurm?  Bliscussion Board?  Haha... enjoy and comment away.

I have many new posts planned for the future.  Been very bust with graduation and studying for LEED... Stay tuned!