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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Revit Triple Play

I recently purchased the Comcast Triple Play bundle for the new apartment I will be moving into come August. The very fact that Revit and BIM consume my life caused me to make a comparison.

Cable companies started taking on the phone companies a few years ago and then began offering the powerful triple play package. According to Time Warner revenue rose 15% the year it released the triple play.

The funny thing about the triple play is the numbers. Let's take Comcast:
  • Basic Internet = $20/Month for 6 months and $46/Month after...
  • Basic Telephone = $20/Month for 6 Months and $40/Month after...
  • Basic Digital Cable = $30/Month for 6 Months and $60/Month after...
Therefore you are paying $70/Month for 6 Months and $146/Month for the rest of your time with Comcast if using all three services... then they hit you with the triple play: $99/Month for two years! Wow... Even if you don't want or need a house phone... might as well get it?!

To me, this is an absolutely genius idea. Could this be done with the use of Revit?

Let's take a project that does not use Revit:
  • Preliminary Design Sketches
  • Preliminary Design Physical Model
  • Design Development CAD Drawings
  • Sketchup Model
  • 3D Max Model and Rendering
  • CAD Documents
Now a Revit project:
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Conceptual Massing Model in Revit
  • Design Development Sections, Elevations, and Plans referenced from Concept Mass
  • Rendering and 3D views already created. Just click!
  • Construction Documents are more than half way done.
Without adding hours and prices to the lists above I wonder what is the Revit Triple Play? You can get a 3D model, renderings, and C.D's for $3,000 in 3 months OR you can get all three for $2,000 in 1.5 months (The price can be lowered due to not having to hire more draftsmen, modelers, and so on..).

Ah... Just a thought.