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Friday, August 7, 2009

NCARB Testing Fee Increased

Even if it will be a few years until I take my ARE test I find myself reading about it on many different sites. I always say how important it is to be informed. Architectural Records "News Notebook" has the details.

"Bad news for aspiring architects here in the U.S.: ARE fees are going up 24 percent.

Each test will now cost $210, rather than $170. The new rate takes effect for all tests scheduled on or after October 1, 2009.

Prior to October 1, candidates can schedule exams through December 31, 2009 at the current rate. So if you’ve been putting off taking the tests, you might want to get cranking.

Why the price hike? According to NCARB, it’s “due to recent incidents of exam content disclosure by ARE candidates. The cost to develop and replace the exposed content and handle the administrative and legal costs related to these incidents totals an estimated $1.1 million.”

It adds: “In recent months, NCARB has had to turn off substantial amounts of content after several candidates posted detailed exam content on the Internet. These candidates have had their exam scores canceled and testing privileges suspended for up to five years. To ensure the integrity of the exam, NCARB has been forced to add two full-time staff members to monitor and investigate exam disclosures and copyright violations.”

For info, visit the NCARB Web site." Source Article

It doesn't seem like much but 24% is quite an increase. I hope it does not continue to rase at such a rate...