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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autodesk - Project Twitch

students licenses are officially sufficient to try project twitch!!


Welcome to project Twitch! This project is testing remote delivery of our applications over the Internet. The goal of project Twitch is to enable you to test and try the latest versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and Maya without having to install or download the applications. These applications run remotely on our servers and are delivered to you over the Internet. You will use them in the same way that you would if they were on installed on your system.


As a technology preview, there are currently several limitations with the service.

  • No ability to upload, download, or save files. To make it easier to try out the application, we have loaded a number of sample files that will allow you to interact with complex drawings.
  • No ability to load or keep any customizations that you create .
  • Access is limited to users that have hardware and network connections capable of supporting the service


We need your feedback on Twitch. Please send an email At the end of your session, we also encourage you to take the survey. You can also post comments on the It's Alive in the Lab blog.

Click here to enter the Project Twitch mini-site for much more information.