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Monday, October 26, 2009

Autodesk Student Community - Internation Email Issue & Updates

Apparently international students (going to schools outside of the United States were having issues with their school email address's not working when registering for the Student Community.

From Autodesk:

"To address the issue many countries have of not providing school issued email addresses, Autodesk allows all students from India – and several other countries – access to the Community without the requirement of a school email address. You must, however, use a valid personal email address, and must choose your school from a pull-down on the registration form.

Go to the registration page, choose your country from the pull-down menu, then continue to fill out the form."

Now, go to the Autodesk Student Community and start using Revit for FREE!

Also, Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya were always 30 day trials for students... not anymore. Head to the Student Community and you can download Maya and 3DS Max for 6 month trials.

"The Autodesk Sustainable Design Guide illustrates sustainable design principles and technologies for every phase of the project life cycle – whether new construction or renovation. Decisions made early in the process can deliver significant results when it comes to the efficient use of energy, water, materials and land in a final project design. Using this guide will help you better understand which decisions are critical – and what steps to take to create and deliver more sustainable designs.

You Will Learn...

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