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Friday, November 13, 2009

Phil Bernstein - AIAS Grassroots Leadership Lecture

My last post spoke about a video now on the Autodesk Student community of Phil Bernstein speaking at AIAS's Grassroot Leadership Conference. From Autodesk:

Hear Autodesk’s Phil Bernstein’s inspirational presentation, Leadership by Design – How to Develop and Sustain Leadership, presented at this year’s AIAS Grassroots Leadership conference. The presentation focuses on how the next generation will help design a better process and impact the construct of how buildings are designed and built and ultimately change the architect’s role.

I found it unfair to those of you who should see this that are not part of the Student Community so here is the direct video from Autodesk:

An excellent lecture. I would love to hear some of my readers opinions before I give my own. I imagine this lecture was much longer, but it brings up the idea of the role of the "future architect" I am always speaking of.