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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AIAS Forum 2009 - Here!

Finally, I have arrived in Minnesota. Feels like I have been traveling all day. I just had dinner at "Spikes" sports bar on the first floor of the hotel. I started reading a very interesting book on the plane that I would like to tell you all about. When I finish the book it will surely have an influence on some future posts. The book is titled, "The Genius in the Design". It is basically a biography about the lives of Bernini and Borromini. I have read hald of the book and recommend it to all.

Tonight is the Welcome party for the forum. If I don't fall asleep before it begins I will be attending. I recieved a package from Autodesk full of goodies to pass out at the table. I am very excited and prepared for the Career Expo tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there?

Oh, and why must it be so cold here?! I am rom Connecicut and this is rediculous (-6 degrees right now).