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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ethics in Architectural Education?

From Design Intelligence...

December 11, 2009
Professionalism and Ethics in Architectural Education
Douglas L Steidl

An architecture education should begin with an understanding of the professional’s responsibilities to society, building users, and clients.

Recently, a university seeking a new dean for its college of architecture asked me to review its advertisement for the position. I suggested revising “ ... seeking an educator who can perform the following … ” to “ … seeking a professional with both educational and practical experience in his/her field of expertise who can perform the following … .” Within hours, a faculty member responded to the suggestion with the words, “Please, not a professional!” The faculty member’s response implied that a professional was a practitioner. The further implication was that an educator is not a professional.

How people perceive themselves affects the philosophical framework that underlies their approach to life, actions, and relationships. In the opening weeks of a medical education, first-year students are tutored on their responsibility for caring for people’s health and the serious implications of their actions for others. Medical school begins with the Hippocratic Oath and the immense obligations of the doctor to the patient, the patient’s family, and thus the community. These are the keystones in this educational process, and they are addressed immediately. Consequently, the foundation for an individual’s approach to the profession is established, and students formulate the principles for their future professional practice... Continue Reading...