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Friday, December 25, 2009

Family Size Workarounds

This is a nice little tip from Andekan. I would like to add one more tip as well. When using the "save as" command and saving a Revit Family there is a little box to check off that says "Compress file..." or something along those lines. This will also decrease the size of the family greatly. Happy holidays and talk to you all soon:

Saving Revit Families
December 24, 2009
Filed under: Revit Families
Posted by Jose Fandos

Unlike Saving Private Ryan, here no lives are being lost, just time.

In Revit, when saving a family from within the family editor the file size might not be as good as one might expect. Let’s say you start working with a family weighting 192kb and after a lot of playing around, doing and undoing geometry, changing parameters and what not, you decide to save the family. Since you ended up just adding a couple bits of geometry and some parameters, you don’t expect the file size to increase for more than 20kb, if that. But when you look at the file size of the family you just saved, your heart skips a bit – okay, maybe not. Still you might end up being surprised that the file size is now close to 900kb.

You know that can’t be right. You’ve done or seen families done by others more complex that weren’t half the (file) size of the one you just saved. So what gives? Is there a secret formula to building light weight geometry in the family editor?

No, nothing so intriguing. The problem is with the Revit family editor. It has been there since at least the 2008 series, and up to today. And there is a workaround....
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