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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tutorial - Exploded Axons (Inside the Factory)

Genious idea...

Exploded Axons

Fall in the factory brings new feature announcements and demos. Features are put through their paces and refined as needed and time allows. A lot of this work will become visible in the upcoming beta so its a good time to turn back on the released product and share some tips and workflows. Why let the other Revit blogers post all the neat tips and tricks?

Somewhere on the mile long list of "wouldn't it be cool if Revit..." are exploded axon drawings.
I can imagine a setting dialog that controls how items separate from their parent elements (windows out of wall, walls off floors ect..) and some in-canvas controls to specify the separation.

You would enter the mode and then drag a control to see the structure produce a refabricating architecture - like image right before your eyes. Very revity and my mind.
So given this feature does not exist outside my mind what can Revit do now? Impossible or

Click here for some the basic steps to creating an exploded axon...

Thanks to The Factory for this tip!