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Monday, January 25, 2010

goBIM... Revit on the iPhone?!!?

That is right... you are reading my title correctly... Still looks to be in its infancy stages... but WOW!.... This is where it is going people.

goBIM - View BIM Models on your iPhone

I think BIM mo
dels are cool. I think the iPhone is cool. So naturally, I thought the ability to view BIM on your iPhone would be cool beyond words. Little did I know that building a simple, functional, good looking piece of software for viewing BIM models on the iPhone would take nearly a year and turn my brain into mush. But here it is, now in alpha testing.

Using goBIM:

We’ve tried to make goBIM as simple to use as possible. Everything you need to get your geometry onto your iPhone should be available in just a few clicks. Currently, the goBIM exporter is only available for Revit. Exporters are under way for Rhino and Digital Project, so please keep checking back.

goBIM for Revit:

◦goBim for Revit will appear as a button in Revit 2010’s “Add-Ins” menu. When you click on the “Export to goBIM” button a dialogue will appear asking for a file address. This is the location where your goBIM file will be saved.
◦When you click export, the selected Revit geometry will be exported. It’s up to you to put it in a location on your server where the goBIM iPhone application will have access to it.*

Download the App here....