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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tip - Control Key Porductivity (RevitOpEd)

Great little tip over at Revit OpEd. I personally use this keyboard shortcut all the time along with the rest of the keyboard shortcuts and it definitely improves productivity:

Dept. of Subtle - Copy Option Checked or Unchecked
A post at AUGI by Aaron Rumple reminded me of a very subtle feature using the CTRL key. I stumbled into this using the Offset tool in Revit 2009.

Here's the scenario, imagine you are using the Offset tool to create a copy of a wall offset by four feet. The Copy option that appears on the Options bar is checked by default. That's great, but what if you wanted to use the Offset tool to move the wall not create a copy. You have to un-check Copy to get the Move instead. If you press the CTRL key prior to selecting the wall to offset the check mark is cleared in the Copy Option.

The AUGI post discusses this technique in conjunction with the Mirror Tool. Like with Offset the default setting for Mirror has Copy checked, assuming you want to create a mirror/copy, not a mirror/move... Click here to continue to post and video...