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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Architecture and Brands

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The Promise of Space: Branding and Architecture in Theory and Practice

Christine Astorino

If the early 1990s marked the so-called “death of the brand,” then the latter half of the current decade has seen a resurrection of sorts. Classic brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s flourish once again, and technology companies such as Google and Apple have updated branding for a new kind of marketplace. This renewed attention to brand might stem from the increasingly global competition that every company faces. Or maybe a down economy — always attended by more fiscally responsible consumer behavior — demands an increased focus on customer retention.

Whatever the reason, this contemporary importance of branding has begun to reach the architecture world. In anticipation of this integration of disciplines, I want to explore here the possibilities for branding in architecture, with an eye toward the following questions:

• What does it mean to brand a space or an experience?
• What do we know about human beings, their minds, and their behaviors that can inform our efforts?
• How might we attempt to incorporate branding in the architectural process?
After addressing these issues, we’ll take a closer look at a successful example of the possibilities for branding in architecture... Continue to post...