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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tutorial - Curtain Wall Tips (Revit Clinic)

I simply love when The Revit Clinic releases there 5 or 10 Revit tips....

5 Curtain Wall Tips

Included below are 5 tips to keep in mind when working with curtain walls…

1. Curtain Grid Type Association

Highlighting a curtain grid and selecting Unpin will automatically change the Type Association setting to Independent. You can save a few clicks using the Unpin tool instead.


2. Curtain Walls in Legend Views

Curtain walls do not display in Legend views. While you can drag them onto a Legend view, they will be invisible. This is because the majority of the curtain wall components [such as mullions, panels and construction settings] are driven by Type Properties which are not accessible for this object type in legend views.


3. Curtain Grid Lines Constrained to Project Grid Lines

By default you cannot align & constrain a curtain wall grid line to a project grid line. However once the curtain wall grid line is set independent under the type properties or by unpinning it, you can use the align & constrain padlock to associate a project gridline to a curtain grid:

Video Example

Continue to post for more tips and videos...