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Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Revit 2011 Info!!

The Revit blogosphere is going to be buzzing for the next few weeks about this release. David Light posted some great information along with pictures and videos:

Ribbon and UI

So let me start with the interface, as this has been a constantly debated, argued, discussed subject amongst many a Revit user on the AUGI forums. So these are the headliners for UI improvements.

  • Contextual Tab display
  • Contextual Tab display behaviour
  • Modeless Properties Palette
  • Modify Tab is both static and contextual
  • Modify Tools improvements
  • Quick Access Toolbar customization
  • Resizable Dialogs
  • Worksets and Design Options


The most obvious improvement and a complaint I personally had with 2010, was actually getting access to modification tools. 2011 allows rapid access to modification tools, no more clicking backwards and forwards between Ribbon tabs. When you select a tool and start to work with it, the modify tools are constantly at hand. The Ribbon also seems to be a lot faster and there is icon clarity with other Autodesk solutions. The other obvious change is the disappearance of the Type selector from the Ribbon. This is not going to be to everybody's taste; as it now resides in a modeless Properties Palette.

Continue to post for more information, pictures, and videos....

I have to say... This looks like it will be quite the release. It appears that wishlist items have finally been taken into consideration.... I cannot wait to use it!

I will also do my best to cater to my fellow students and finding out when the Autodesk Student Community will get the new releases...