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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break! ... I think?

I am officially on spring break. What does that mean? Well, to some people it means lounging out and maybe going on vacation. For me, it means working on all the homework and Design Studio work that I have due when I return. Fortunately, I will have tad bit more free time and will be recording some tutorials for you all to learn and enjoy. I am also planning on releasing a secret little project I have been working on... Stay tuned for that one...

I wanted to inform you all of a service I have been using for about 3 months now. It is called "Jungle Disk". Before I get into the info on their web pages I would like to share my experience. Basically, Jungle Disk is a cloud drive that can be used to automatically back up your files or manually. It can also be set as a mapped network drive. What is the importance of that? Well, it can hold a Revit Central file. That's right. For 3 dollars a month you can have a cloud drive that can be accessed on any machine with the internet.

Therefore, I have a single drive that holds my Revit files, photos, and miscellaneous Design Studio files that I can access on my Macbook Pro Mac Partition, Windows Partition, my Desktop, and any machine in school. There is also a great feature where you can plug in your flash drive to an machine and it will load your Jungle Disk... I am telling you all it has been great.