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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More iPad and Architecture

Just a few more examples from some of my Architecture related classes and using the iPad. The first is using an App called PenUltimate in my Design of Wood Structures class... It worked out well but does have its flaws. For example, you cannot change the pen thickness, color, or opacity. You also cannot create any book marks. Although the inking looks better on this program I am still enjoying the features of PaperDesk right now.

The second example is using a great app called iThoughtsHD. This app is very much like the program Mind Manager (in fact, you can export to a Mind Manager file type). For school, in general, it is a great way to brainstorm, write papers, etc... I used it to calm my nerves about how much crap I have left to do in my Design Course... It is nice to break everything down sometimes. Finally, you can export your map directly from the iPad into PDF format and an outline format.