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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Revit Tutorial - Converting Linework (Model to Detail, etc...)

Nice little tutorial over at Revit Elemental...

Converting Linework: Model Lines to Detail Lines (and Vica Versa)This blog discusses a technique for changing Model Lines to Detail Lines and Detail Lines to Model Lines.
People will sometimes draw details in their live model views using Model Lines not realising the impact it is having on the visibility in 3D view or section/elevation. When they realise their mistakes, it is often too late to redraw the details using drafting lines as too much has been done.
Instead you can use this technique to ‘convert’ Model Lines into Drafting Lines and vica versa without the need to redraw anything!
There are three methods discussed in this blog
•Model Lines to Detail Lines in a Project

•Detail Lines to Model Lines in a Project

•Model Lines in a Project to Detail Lines in a Family

Here is a typical example: The rainwater pipe and other linework on the corner of this building has been drawn using Model Lines.
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