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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autodesk Headquarters - Here I Go!!

I just checked into the hotel after a nice little two hour drive.  I am very excited to spend the day at Autodesk's AEC Headquarters tomorrow.  I am also honored and privileged that I was asked to do so.  To think that a 22 year old kid from Connecticut would grab enough attention through a little blog like this is eye opening.

I know I have not posted much lately and that is due to my insanely busy work and school schedule.  Given that many of my readers are students too I think you all understand what it would be like working over 24 hours a week while taking 21 credits worth of classes.  I promise to post as much as I can.  With that said, tomorrow there WILL be some posts.  I will fill you all in with as much information as the nondisclosure agreement allows...  So, stay tuned!!