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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AU 2010 : Day 1 Ended and Day 2 Begins...

Well, all I can say so far is wow... First, the initial shock of Las Vegas itself is enough to overwhelm any first timer here... This place is packed full of activity.

I arrived here yesterday around 11:30. I didn't make it to Register until roughly 3 o'clock in the afternoon thanks to our luggage being locked in the back of a shuttle bus... Oh, and that lock broke (they had to pry the door open eventually).

I registered and walked around the Mandalay Bay to see where all the classes, exhibits, and keynotes will be held. Very excited... Heading into a class being taught by David Fano of Design Reform.

Oh, and a little tip to anyone who might still be coming here or plans on going next year...Wear comfortable shoes!!!! There is a lot of walking.

Finally, go play the number 24 at the first roulette table you see when entering Harrahs...