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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revit Tutorial - Revit to Google Earth (Globe Link)

I was exploring linking Revit to Google Earth the other day and ran acorss this little video.  I found it deep in the forums somewhere so I was not sure who it belonged to.  Through a bit of investigation is looks like it was from Revit Clinic.  I cannot seem to find the actual post.  If you guys over at Revit Clinic want to take credit shoot me an email where it was orignially posted. 

Anyways, first... Here is the video:

Click here to see the Revit Global Link (Revit to Google Earth) tutorial video...

Now, let me give you a few pointers before going about this.
  • For some reason the plug-in decides to use your Startup Base Point as the origin when youn export to the Google Earth file.  Therefore, if your building floor is at 88'-0" absolute elevation than it will float above Google's "Earth" by 88'-0"....  This is an absolute pain and the only way I found to work around it was to start a new project and copy your model into it just so you can export.
  • The video makes it look insanely easy to line up your building with the site.  In reality, and you will see when you try, the "snapshot" method is very inaccurate and very difficult to use.  I dare you to try lining up an existing Revit Model with its satellite image in Google Earth.
  • I cannot figure out what "North" the exporter is using.  I tried many different ways of Aquiring from Google Earth in many different views and the Exported Model, when brought into Google Earth, would always be oriented differently.
Please, if anyone out there has mastered this little tool post a comment or shoot me an email.

The plugin has a ton of potential and benefits, but, right now, I would have to say it is nothing more than a headache.

Click here to download Revit Global Link 2011