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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Future for Architects, Justin Bieber, and BIM...

How are they all connected?  Who knows.  But the title sure grabbed your attention. The title "Justin Bieber: Aspiring Archtiect" grabbed my attention in the most recent Architectural Record Newsletter...

So, it turns out that Bieber wanted to be an Architect.  Had it now been for YouTube he very well might be applying to an Archtiecture College.  Beyond that, there is no real value to knowing this piece of information (although, think of what a great title for a blog "Bieber BIM" would be...).   Within the Off the Record post I found some great articles and links:

I found these two articles very interesting and had to share them.  I am still reading the report on The Future for Archtiects (it is quite a few pages) and it is very interesting.  Not only do they mention BIM quite a bit but also the roles an Archtiect could play in the future global market of Archtiecture. 

The second article speaks for itself.  Two main points I dragged out of the article were the idea that students were not being prepared properly when the graduate and they exploitation of the students once in the workforce is hurting the profession.  I agree 100% with the idea that students are not fully prepared when graduating.  I look back on all of my architectural education so far (3 years in high school and 5 years in college) and my professional work experience (7 years at professional firms).  When I think about how much I learned about construction, the profession, wall sections, budgets, phasing, proposals, consultants, fees, etc... I learned it all in the field.  If I had to chose a percentage, 10-20 percent was learned in school.

The way I see it, a BIM based education can solve this.  In order to do BIM you must know how a building goes together, is scheduled, constructed, and how consultants do their jobs as well.  You must actually decide how that corner you cannot see in elevation looks. 

Now, go register the domain Bieber BIM and start the Revit-lution.