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Monday, March 21, 2011

Revit 2012 - New Architecture Features!

Revit Architecture 2012 is just around th corner and there are two notable features (that I am the most excited about).  Of course, there are more and I will be filling you all in soon...
  • Parts
    Being able to break a wall apart by components and push, pull, and manipulate many system elements is a huge enhancement in my opinion.  For me, a student and intern architect, I am excited to use this for stunning and "WOW" factor visualizations...

    More to come..
  • Visualization Enhancements
    Again, the enhanced visualization you will find in Revit 2012 is going to make Revit presentations look incredible.
    - Ambient Allocation in ALL VIEW TYPES!
    - Semi-Transparent Elements
    - Enhanced edges.
    - Shadows in "Consistent Colors" style.
    - Ability to Create your own templates for visual styles.
Those two features alone make it worth it for me...

Of course, I do not have to go through all the details because there are plenty of blog posts about it already out there.  I actually watched the invite only Blogger webcast in the back of class... shhhhhh... Don't tell my teacher. So I couldn't get any great screen shots...

And boy is it a great post.  David, I am sure all the bloggers thank you for the post...