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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Revit User's Project Database and Gallery

I had a crit last night for one of my design classes and it got me thinking. I feel that the more I present different Revit created projects and showcase all the advantages, visuals, and WOWs that Revit has I seem to convert 1 or 2 other students into believers. These fellow peers of mine are typically AutoCAD/Sketchup users...

That being said, I think creating a single location for my projects and my readers projects would be very beneficial to all of us. So, I ask you, my readers, to post links in the comment section below to your Revit projects and presentations. Whether you are in school or using Revit professionally, post them!

For now, use whatever means of uploading your images or PDF's and simply add the link to the comment below. Along with your link, tell us what version of Revit you used, any other software used, and if it was done in school or professionally. Of course, Revit has to be used in the project!

If anyone has any good ideas of a third party client or location where we can set up a single destination for uploading these PDFs and Images let me know. I was thinking of either something I'm can link to or a built in server for a page on the blog that you guys can simply click "Upload". Any ideas?

I will be posting some of my own projects soon.