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Friday, April 22, 2011

Revit Tip - Revit 2012 Purge Unused (Revit Clinic)

This is a nice new little gem added to 2012... The ability to purge materials and property sets...  I do have to warn you that purging a project early and handing it off to someone else to use could cause some hostile environments haha.  Even if all the families, tags, etc... are in your content library it could make someone very angry to not have them already in the model. =X

In 2012, the Purge Unused commanded has gotten a little help.  Now, it is possible to delete out of your project all the unused materials and property set definitions.  I really like the ability to delete out all the unused materials. 
One thing to know about this new ability is that it may take up to three purge Unused to fully clear everything from a project. .... Click here to see the rest of the post...